Understanding Dog Behavior For TrainingUnderstanding Dog Behavior For Training


Dogs are some of the most popular pets worldwide since they are very loyal, and affectionate and also help protect the house against intruders. However, compared to keeping small pets like birds or fish which are usually confined to cages or aquariums, keeping dogs requires more effort. This is because in most cases, the dog is allowed to roam around freely in the house. Hence anyone who is interested in keeping a pet dog should understand Dog behavior and training properly before taking a decision. Some of the reasons why dog training is important and some dog training information is provided below.

Dog owners should be aware that they are held responsible for the behavior of the dog. So if the dog will attack or bite anyone, the owner is held responsible and may have to pay medical expenses for the dog bite victim. Additionally, the victim of a dog bite may also file a court case asking for compensation, especially if there is a loss of income due to the dog bite. If the dog will attack other pets, like smaller dogs or cats, or birds, the other pet owner may also demand compensation. In some places, the dog owner is held responsible for any mess, the dog creates, and is expected to clean up the dog poop.

Hence it is important to train the dog so that it does not bite or attack people without any provocation. It is advisable to train a puppy since it is easier to do so, compared to a grown-up dog. If the dog owner has trained dogs earlier and has enough free time, he can train the dog himself. Alternately the dog owner can outsource the training to a professional dog trainer, who will charge a fee usually depending on the dog type. The dog trainer will also train the dog to respond to various commands, especially stopping barking, and in some cases, to perform some tricks.