The Best Cat ExerciseThe Best Cat Exercise

Before you adopt your new kitty, consider a few things. Cats can be very territorial and need lots of attention. They also require interaction with people often, so don’t adopt just for having a pet – cats need lots of exercise. The following are the best cat exercises:

1. Play With Your Cat

Be sure to have plenty of toys for your new pet because cats need lots of exercise, and most animals enjoy toys. Cats like to play, and they don’t care what game it is. They will want you chasing them around the house or petting them.

2. Get A Window Climber

Starter Kit for your cat so that it can be active by climbing furniture, counters, and other accessories around the house. They are a great way to keep your cat fit and active while having fun.

3. Walk Your Cat On A Leash

Leash walks are great for cats because they help them burn off energy and stay healthy. Your new kitty will undoubtedly enjoy the fresh air, so be sure to get one today.

4. Build A Cat Tree

Cat trees give your pets plenty of exercise by giving them something to climb up on and jump onto. They also offer them somewhere to hide and relax. Your new kitty will enjoy the activity and be happier in the long run.

5. Take Your Cat To The Park

If you have a garden, take your kitty out there to play and run around the yard. It will keep them fit and will help them burn off energy. Walking them over to the park is also a great way to exercise. Some people even groom their cats at the park, which is something that most cats love.

6. Play Fetch

Cats are natural hunters, and they love to play fetch. Most cats go nuts over this, so try it out! Get a toy that they can chase after, and let them do their thing.