True Characteristics Of CatsTrue Characteristics Of Cats


Cats have taken the internet by storm; everywhere you look there are videos of cute cats doing funny things. Even with all that evidence to the contrary, cats still have a reputation for being snobby, stand-offish animals. Why is that? In this article, we will explore some of the reasons for stereotypes regarding cats’ personalities and some of the true characteristics of cats.

Popular Contributing To Cats’ Reputations

From Ancient Egypt to the present day, cats have been kept as pets, revered, tolerated, and in some instances have been persecuted as in the instance of black cats association with witches. This combination of reverence, affection and fear may have contributed to their reputation as aloof animals. The fact that cats spend a lot of time alone are nocturnal and are less willing to approach strangers also contributes to their reputation as unfriendly, aloof animals.

The Truth About Cats’ Characters

Cats are affectionate animals but are more choosy with who they share the affection. Think of them as introverts in the animal kingdom; it takes them a while to get used to your presence and decide whether they want to spend time with you. Once they do, they will show their affection by rubbing up against you, sitting on your lap, and grooming near you. Their inquisitive minds also keep them exploring and learning new things. They are capable of learning tricks and often will if given sufficient incentive.


Despite the plethora of cat videos online, they still have a reputation as unfriendly snobs. Through the ages, cats have been considered everything from gods to bad luck, so it makes sense their reputation would be a bit confused. The truth, however, is simply that cats are friendly, intelligent creatures and once they get to know you they will begin to show you the affection and curiosity that makes them ideal companions.